GCN The Plant-Based Cyclist Book

14,99 £

GCN presents The Plant-Based Cyclist by the acclaimed WorldTour nutritionist, Nigel Mitchell: your accessible, complete and practical 244-page guide to plant-powered cycling – complete with 23 great tasting and easy to make recipes for on and off the bike.

Now available in Spanish!

Whether you’re just starting out on your cycling journey or are already an accomplished gran fondo or road racer, if you want to ride simply powered by the goodness of plants, The Plant-Based Cyclist will help inspire, equip and empower you to do just that.

Written by Nigel Mitchell – the nutrition brains behind historic Olympic gold medals and multiple Grand Tour wins – this high quality, coffee table-style book covers everything from diet, health, bio-chemistry, ride and rest day nutrition, travelling, and essential advice on creating a plant-based kitchen – together with 23 great tasting and easy to make recipes for on and off the bike – and much more.

 “Nigel’s approach takes the guesswork out of riding on a plant-based diet”
– Si Richardson, GCN Presenter

Nigel’s many, many years of experience (not to mention a fair few early mornings and late nights) have gone into the creation of this book – all with the hope that you won’t need to invest anywhere near as much time yourself, instead taking its shortcuts to reap the benefits of being a plant-based cyclist. After all, the less time faffing with the minutiae of diet plans, macronutrients, or trying to track down obscure ingredients is more time spent doing what we all love: riding bikes – purely and simply. Oh, and having fun, of course. Lots of it.


Product Details:

  • Pages: 244 (120gsm)
  • Size: 246mm (h) x 189mm (w)
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Cover Finish: 280gsm, with anti-scuff matte laminate and spot UV gloss finish
  • Weight: 700g approx.
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