Brand Protection

Counterfeit Awareness and Reporting

Play Sports Network is the world’s largest cycling media company and community. Our channels engage multiple communities and nationalities, delivering original, engaging content on a daily basis.
Our shops and merchandise support the above channels, and help to ensure that we can deliver quality content to our international community. By buying direct from our shops, you’re supporting our channels and helping to ensure that we can deliver more of what you enjoy.  
We work hard to ensure that the products for sale on our sites are great quality and durable and that customers have a great experience purchasing and using our products - we only agree to put our branding to a product that our presenters would be happy wearing! For this reason, we’d ask you to beware of possible counterfeits, and let us know if you find any.

Why You Should Avoid Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit goods may carry an appealing price tag, but come at a much greater cost:
Poor Quality - as highlighted above, we work hard to provide you with a quality product. Counterfeits will be of a much poorer quality and durability and will not perform in the same way as our carefully sourced and designed products;
Payment Issues - counterfeit goods are sold by unapproved and unauthorised third parties. Buying from these sites and third party sellers will not adequately protect your consumer rights;
Data Security - we’re transparent and careful about how we collect, use and store your personal data when you make a purchase. When you buy from a seller of counterfeit goods you’re taking an unnecessary risk with your personal data;
Poor Customer Service - sellers of counterfeit goods generally offer poor (if any) customer service. Should any issues arise, you are likely to have little or no recourse against them;
Dangerous Products - counterfeit goods carry the risk of containing harmful substances, such as illegal dyes and chemicals. Contact with such products can lead to allergic reactions.

Tips To Avoid Counterfeits

Sometimes, identifying counterfeit goods can be a challenge. In order to protect our consumers and our brands, we take a ‘zero-tolerance’ approach to counterfeit goods, regularly identifying and removing counterfeit goods and websites.
Below, we provide some useful tips on how to recognise, and therefore avoid, counterfeit goods:
Check the website is secure - look for the padlock icon in the address bar. If in doubt, you’re better off buying direct from our e-commerce sites;
Always use a credit card to make purchases - you will be able to bring a claim against your card provider should any issues arise;
Be aware of heavily discounted products - counterfeit goods are often sold at exceedingly low prices, or with what seems to be a huge discount.  Trust your instincts - should a price look too good to be true, it probably is;
Read the small print - shipping location, shipping charges and return and refund policies.  Avoid purchasing products from sites that have unclear terms and conditions;
Reputation and feedback - always check customer feedback, including reviews;
Pop-ups - be aware of any pop-ups at the payment stage that may require you to include or confirm card details before you reach the payment stage.  Never enter your PIN online.