Below are some frequently asked questions about our latest GCN x AGU kit launch.
If you have other questions, please just send us an email at shop@globalcyclingnetwork.com and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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How can I contact you?

You can reach us at: shop@globalcyclingnetwork.com

Or ring us:
From the UK: 0333 241 4399
International calls: +44 (0)333 241 4399


Yes, sizing of all GCN X AGU pro kit is similar to that of Castelli. Check out the size guides on each product to be sure before ordering, or email shop@globalcyclingnetwork.com if you have any questions.
Sizing of the GCN x AGU Premium Aero Jersey is similar to that of other pro fit cycling jerseys. Double check the size guide on the page before ordering if you are unsure.
The GCN x AGU Kit is generally small fitting across all products to provide that aerodynamic silhouette ideal for riding. This is very similar to that of the GCN X Castelli kit. Check out the size guides on each product to be sure before ordering, or email shop@globalcyclingnetwork.com if you have any questions.

Available Products

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Yes, we have Women’s fit available in the GCN x AGU Premium Aero Jersey, GCN x AGU Premium Thermal Jersey Long Sleeve DWR, GCN x AGU Premium Softstretch Bibshort and GCN x AGU Prime Bibtight. The Fuse and Prime Jackets are unisex fit so are suitable for female riders. All accessories are also unisex fit so suitable for female riders.
Absolutely! The GCN x AGU kit is designed for every single rider. Whether you’re popping to the pub on your city bike, going to work on your e-bike or challenging yourself with a tour on your racing bike, this kit will work for you. Suitable for every weather condition, every road type and every bike. GCN x AGU have you covered.
Yes, all GCN x AGU products are returnable under our normal returns procedure. Info can be found here.

Other topics

We were with the lovely Castelli team for 4 great years, it’s just time for something new. We hope you’re as excited about it as we are!
Not yet… but we’re working on it!
Yes it does! You can find out more information about the warranty of GCN x AGU products here.
Many of their products are made of polyester, and they are replacing the use of virgin polyester more and more with recycled polyester, for example from post-consumer (used) PET bottles. Nylon gives extra strength to their products and is recycled from old nylon and/or old fishing nets. They use biodegradable and responsively sourced Merino wool in many of their finest products. Dupont Sorona is a material that they use in linings and fabrics and is made from an eco-fiber from renewable, vegetable raw materials, which also requires less energy for production. Their in-house developed Poray membrane that they use in waterproof products is free of the harmful PVC that you sometimes find in comparable products.
AGU’s continuous efforts and developments towards sustainability lead to the creation of the Greensphere label. Their sustainable focus starts with the design process; which fabrics, coatings and colours do they choose? Which sustainable alternatives are currently possible without compromising on quality and functionality? Is it also recyclable? Can they create timeless designs without compromising on style? When a product carries the Greensphere label, AGU speaks of a sustainable product.
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