The Complete Guide To Cycling Psychology


GCN presents The Complete Guide to Cycling Psychology. Whether you're a sportive rider, love racing or are planning an epic cycling adventure, this is every rider's mental toolkit, delivering the information, inspiration and techniques you need to help you ride faster and further, and have more fun!

  • More than 240 pages packed with the latest sport psychology research and essential practical exercises that will help cyclists of every level achieve their goals and enjoy their riding more.
  • Whatever level and whatever discipline you ride, we explain the keys to performing at your best on your next ride or in big events – with all the practical advice, tools and exercises you need to fill your mental toolkit.
  • World-renowned mental coach Dr Jim Taylor introduces a topic and explains why it is important to your cycling. Epic endurance rider Mark Beaumont then shares anecdotes from his adventures to bring Dr Taylor’s ideas to life.
  • Plus GCN Presenters Si Richardson, Manon Lloyd and Hank share their experiences in overcoming their own challenges while riding, to help every rider become their best.
  • Filled with practical tools to fill your mental toolkit, this book will help you harness the power of your mind through mental training and propel you to unlock your true potential. 
  • Motivation, confidence, intensity, focus, emotions, attitude, goal-setting, mental imagery, self-talk, and quality training are just a few of the strategies that are discussed and that can make you a better cyclist. 

World-leading mental coach Dr Jim Taylor, celebrated endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont, and GCN team up to bring you the ultimate guide to training your mind, helping you to unlock your performance potential. This book is packed with practical information, useful tools and absorbing anecdotes to harness the power of your mind to ride your best. With expert advice from Dr Taylor, compelling stories from Mark Beamont, real-life examples that we can all relate to, and simple exercises to follow, this book will help you strengthen your mind so you can ride faster and further, and have more fun. 

“Dr Jim Taylor’s unrivaled psychological knowledge and Mark Beaumont’s matchless experience can help all cyclists train their mind and improve their riding” - Simon Richardson, GCN Director of Road Cycling

  • Over 240 pages that will help you become a better rider by training your mind
  • Size: 246mm (h) x 189mm (w)
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Cover Finish: 280gsm, with anti-scuff matte laminate and spot UV gloss finish
  • Weight: 700g approx.
  • This book will introduce you to the power of the mind by providing a framework to help you understand what we will share with you and put it to use in your cycling and in your life.
    • Stage I – Mental attitudes that can set cyclists up for success
    • Stage II – Mental muscles that you will need to strengthen
    • Stage III – Mental tools that cyclists can bring on every ride
    • Stage IV – How to use your mind to get the most out of your training

The Complete Guide to Cycling Psychology contains all the research, exercises and practical tools you need to take to ride faster and further, and have more fun, whatever your level and whatever type of bike you ride.

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